Rainbow with three bikes and Ride NHS 111 banner underneath


A nationwide event to show our gratitude to the NHS. 


We want this ride to be fun, different and raise as much money for the NHS as we can.

There are no rules on what type of bicycle you use to complete this challenge*, you can even use an indoor bike. 

As we are in lockdown  we have designed this ride to comply with social distancing rules. Each rider will design their own ride, using Strava to monitor the ride to prove they have completed the distance.

We have four ride options (you can switch option if you change your mind after entering):

  • Solo 111                   - 111km ridden on 4th July
  • Solo 111 Weekend   - 111km ridden over the weekend of 4th and 5th July
  • Team 111                  - ridden as a team, total team mileage adding up to 111km
  • Freestyle 55.5          - Dont fancy 111km? Ride 55.5km individually or as a team

Raise sponsorship for the NHS through our dedicated site in Virgin Money Giving.

*as long as the bike is safe and if riding on the road is legal to use 


Just click on the 'enter event' button on any of the web pages, this will take you to the registration and payment process. Fill in your relevant details and pay your £10 entry fee. A minimum of £5 of that fee will go directly to NHS Charities Together. Additionally, after costs have been covered, any surplus will also be donated to good causes as we intend this to be a one-off, not-for-profit event.

Please remember to post on your social media about the event, the more participants the better.


Once we have received your entry details we will send you details of how to register on the Virgin Money Giving page and further details about the event. Leading up to the event we will also send you occasional emails with training and fitness tips to get you ready for the the big day, any major news concerning the event and your participation number. We will be also posting tips on what to carry on the ride such as food and puncture repair kits etc. 

SOLO 111

One cyclist completing 111 Km on Saturday 4th July 2020

TEAM 111

A group of cyclists whose combined ride reaches 111 Km over the 4th & 5th July 2020


One cyclist completing 111 Km over the 4th & 5th July 2020


Ride the shorter distance either individually or as a Team over the 4th & 5th July 2020


We are a group of friends trying to help raise funds for the frontline NHS not a commercial events company. David came up with this idea while recovering from Coronavirus and was looking to do something to help the NHS 111 service who helped him so much. He contacted his cycling buddy, Jonathan, to get his opinion and here we are. The start date was to be the day that Jonathan and Sally were due to get married (sadly postponed to next year) so we knew that there would be at least three of us with nothing else to do on the day!

We would love everyone who is able to ride a bike to join with us on this socially distanced mass event.

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