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Event Preparation and Tips

Are you Ready!

We want everyone to have a safe and enjoyable ride so here are a few things to consider. Remember your safety is your own responsibility so take it seriously.


Keep safety in mind

It's important to plan your route in advance as this will help you to avoid busy roads and dangerous junctions. Although COVID-19 has kept a lot of cars off the roads, don't assume you won't encounter many on your ride.

When planing your route, try to use roads you are familiar with and check out any others on the map, avoiding busy roads where possible.


Can I be seen by other road users?

We always ride with lights, even during daylight hours to ensure we can be seen in tree covered areas. If you're not riding with lights wear bright colours - make it easy for other road users to see you. Also, don't take any risks on the road - it's not worth it.


Do not ride if you feel unwell

We do not want anyone to become ill or injured as a result of taking part in the event.

If you feel unwell on the day you are planning to ride, please consider postponing as exercise will often make you feel worse. You can always ride on another day - we would prefer you do this than make yourself ill and so would your sponsors and the NHS!

If you start to feel unwell during the ride or pick up an injury, please do not continue. Plase don't take any risks with your health.


Get rid of those annoying squeaks!

A freshly lub'ed bike is so much nicer to ride - see tips from our sponsor Cicerone for ensuring your bike is safe and roadworthy

Rainbow with three bikes and Ride NHS 111 banner underneath

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